The Paths of Bach - A musical journey in the tracks of Johann Sebastian Bach

May, 11 - 17, 2024 | Arnstadt, Dornheim, Weißensee

In 1705, Johann Sebastian Bach was twenty years old. As a young organist from a modest background, he wanted to perfect his musical education - and so he set off from Arnstadt to Lübeck to meet the composer Dietrich Buxtehude, an undisputed master of his craft. Only a few details are known about his journey of more than 400 kilometres, which must have been partly on foot along the Roman salt road. For Bach, however, it represented a personal and artistic awakening that would characterise his entire future work.

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary (in 2026), the French ensemble pygmalion would like to embark on a similarly formative journey. To return to Bach's roots and share a unique collective and artistic experience, Raphaël Pichon and his ensemble will follow the paths of the young Bach in an ambitious project:
In three sections, Pygmalion will undertake a musical journey partly on foot and partly by bicycle, including concerts as well as encounter projects. The project offers performers and audiences alike a unique insight into the musician's profession and Bach's work in order to grasp its vitality, meaning and significance for the present day.

The paths of Bach in detail

Thursday, 9 May 2024
Arnstadt | Oberkirche | 10:30–12:00 am
public rehearsal

Saturday, 11 May 2024
Arnstadt | Oberkirche | 6 pm
concert: Welt, gute Nacht

Sunday, 12 May 2024
Dornheim | St. Bartholomäus | 5 pm
concert: Hochzeitsmusik
(Take a walk from Arnstadt | Bach-onument | 3:30 pm)

Monday, 13 May 2024
Arnstadt | from hotel Stadtbrauerei | 11 am
Take a walk from Erfurt to the castle Molsdorf with a small lunch



Tuesday, 14 May 2024
Erfurt | from InterCity hotel | 10 am
Bicycle tour to Weißensee

Weißensee | Kulturkirche | 3-4 pm
public rehearsal

Wednesday, 15 May 2024
Weißensee | Kulturkirche | 6 pm
concert: Licht

Thursday, 16 May 2024 (only for customers with festival pass)
Sondershausen | from Residenzschloss | 4 pm
Bicycle tour to Wolkramshausen

Wolkramshausen | Hue de Grais
musical park festival

Friday, 17 May 2024 
Arnstadt | Bachkirche | 6 pm
concert: Missae Breves 

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