Frequently Asked Questions


The admission to the event rooms is usually from 1 hour before the start of the event. However, depending on the rehearsals before a concert or the duration of tuning instruments, there may be delays in admission. We ask for your understanding here.

During the admission, please have your tickets ready. These will be scanned or manually checked at the entrance. Please note that admission after the start of the event is only possible if it does not disrupt the event. There is no general entitlement to subsequent admission!


Discounted tickets can only be booked for those events where we cannot offer you the "Pay what you can!" pricing model. These include, for example, events at our thuringian theaters. With the "Pay what you can!" pricing model, you have the option of adjusting the ticket price up or down to suit your needs when booking your ticket. So you pay what you can.

If we offer discounted prices for concerts, you are entitled to discounted tickets upon presentation of appropriate proof:

- pupils
- students
- people doing federal voluntary service
- unemployed persons
- welfare recipients
- Severely disabled persons
- Accompanying persons of severely disabled persons (ID card "B")

Pensioners do not receive a discount.


Sound, film, photo and video recordings are strictly prohibited during the event.

Your consent to the use of photo & film recordings
With the purchase of your ticket you agree (according to Article 6 of the DSGVO) that photos and/or film recordings of you will be taken during the event, which will be used for advertising or promotional purposes in print products or on the internet as part of the tasks of the Thüringer Bachwochen e.V..


We also offer vouchers for concert tickets. You can purchase these exclusively through the office of the Thüringer Bachwochen e.V. by phone at +49361 21698608 or by e-mail to Whether 20 €, 50 € or 100 € - you determine the value of your voucher yourself. After providing the necessary personal data, we will send you the voucher including invoice by mail. Unfortunately, it is not possible to send the voucher by e-mail, as it is a physical product in DIN A5 format.

Our voucher is transferable and can therefore also be given as a gift to a third party (e.g. birthday or Christmas). The voucher is provided with a voucher number and a voucher code as well as the date of issue and the voucher value. It can be handled like cash and can be used to pay for admission tickets to the festival.

The voucher can only be redeemed via the office of the Thüringer Bachwochen e.V. by phone or e-mail. A cash payment of the value is not possible, remaining amounts will be credited for future payments. The voucher is valid for an unlimited period of time.


Available remaining tickets can be purchased at our concert box offices. The concert box offices usually open one hour before the start of the event and are located directly at the venue. Payment for tickets at the concert box offices is possible in cash or by credit card.



In the premium category, you pay a higher price and thus secure the best numbered seats with an optimal view of the stage at many concerts.

»Pay what you can!«

You pay what you can.

In addition to a premium category that gives Bach friends the best numbered seats with optimal views at many concerts, this year there is a reduced price for each concert with a free choice of seats, calculated to be appropriate for the event and as affordable as possible.

We understand that the current situation is challenging for you as well as for us. Nevertheless, we do not bury our heads in the sand and would like all the more to make it possible for everyone who is interested to visit our concerts.

However, in addition to the recommended amount, here you have the chance to override the entrance fee and adjust it according to your possibilities: If for economic reasons it is not possible for you to pay the suggested amount, you can pay less this way, you will then set the price yourself. And if you can afford it and want to support us in making it possible for all music fans to attend the concert, we will be happy if you adjust the price upwards and thus help other people to get a ticket as a sponsor.

We very much hope that with this solidarity principle we have found a good answer to the challenges of our time for the large Bach family. Because as important as finances are: A concert visit should not fail because of money. A warm welcome!


You have the option of downloading the current program booklet as a PDF document. In addition, we can also send you the program booklet by mail if you wish. To do so, please use the following form on our website.


No matter whether hearing-, visually- or mobility-impaired: We naturally want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy our concerts. To find out in advance whether a venue is suitable for people with severe disabilities - for example, barrier-free - please contact the organizer directly by phone on +49361 21698608 or by e-mail at


We appreciate any support to expand our festival and to present cultural diversity in Thuringia. You can donate, become a member of the association or act as a sponsor - one-time or regularly. We are grateful for any support.


Of course you will receive a donation receipt from us, which you can deduct from your taxes.


You can order your tickets

- online via our Ticketshop
- by phone at +49361 37420
- in person at the known advance booking offices
- at the concert box office of the respective event

Questions about ticket booking

If you have any questions about your ticket booking, please contact the organizer directly by phone at +49361 21698608 or by e-mail at

You have not received any online tickets by e-mail after successful booking? In this case, please first check your spam folder in your mail program. If you do not find an e-mail with your tickets there either, please contact us immediately. We will send you your online tickets again.

Exchange or return of tickets

Exchanges and returns of already purchased tickets are generally excluded. No compensation can be made for missed events. Changes in the program and cast as well as relocation of venues are not intended, but are reserved and do not entitle to exchange or return of tickets. 

In case of loss of tickets after receipt, neither replacement nor refund are possible.


If the event is cancelled for whatever reason, the Thüringer Bachwochen e.V. will refund the price paid to the customer. In the event of a postponement of the date, the customer may withdraw from the contract against reimbursement of the price paid. In both cases the Thüringer Bachwochen e.V. will try to inform the customer immediately.

The refund of the price will be made exclusively - regardless of whether purchased via the online store or an advance booking office - against return of the tickets to the organizer or to the advance booking office where the tickets were purchased.


Depending on where you would like to purchase your tickets, different payment options are available:

• online ticketshop:   credit card, PayPal
• ticket hotline:   credit card, invoice, bank transfer
• advance booking offices:   cash, credit card
• concert box office:   cash, credit card

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