There were already musicians by the name of Bach in Erfurt long before the birth of Johann Sebastian. Johannes Bach, the founding father of the Erfurt line of Bachs, was member of the Erfurter Stadtmusicanten-Compagnie and held the post of organist in the Predigerkirche. The town was so convinced of the skill of these musicians that from then on, “the Bachs” became a synonym for the profession of musician in Erfurt.

Erfurt’s Kaufmannskirche is a site of great importance for the Bach family: it was here that 61 of the family’s children were christened and 12 Bach couples were married, among them Johann Sebastian’s parents Johann Ambrosius, a born Erfurter, and Elisabeth Lämmerhirt. We have evidence that Johann Sebastian Bach himself came to Erfurt in 1716 to examine the organ in the Augustinerkirche. But he is likely to have visited quite frequently, as traditional Bach family gatherings also took place in Erfurt.

A city tour in Erfurt

Starting from the bridge, the next destination must be the Kaufmann church. Beside the little river Gera in a small street called Junkersand there are further memorials to the Bach family. Johann Sebastian’s parents lived in numbers 1-3. There is a memorial plaque to its famous inhabitants which include the baroque composer, Johann Pachelbel, who not only worked as organist in the Prediger church but was also a friend of the Bach family.

One can get to the Kaufmann church through the narrow alley ways and busy streets. This sacred building counts as one of the few authentic Bach sites in the town. The Kaufmann church records register more than 60 baptisms, marriages and deaths in the Bach family of Erfurt musicians. Bach’s father with his twin brother, Johann Christoph, was baptised in the church in 1645. Later the marriage of Johann Ambrosius and Elisabeth Lämmerhirt was concluded here before the family moved to Eisenach three years later.

Well before the famous Johann Sebastian, members of the Bach family determined the musical life of the town as town musicians or organists. Bach’s grandfather, Christoph, was active as a council musician, as was his father, Johann Ambrosius. Even after they moved to Eisenach, there were regular so-called “Bach family days”, for which Johann Sebastian also travelled to Erfurt. In front of the church one is made aware also of another great Erfurt citizen: the Luther memorial commemorates the reformer who from 1501 to 1511 lived, studied and entered the Augustine monastery as a monk in Erfurt. This historic place in the centre of the old town is worth visiting, not just because of the many connections with Luther but because Bach came here in 1716 to assess the organ.

Erfurt, Blick auf die Krämerbrücke
Erfurt, Detailansichten von der Fassade des Dom St. Marien

As the state capital of Thuringia, Erfurt has always been exposed to change. Near the Krämer bridge, thanks to a happy accident, one can see a spectacular find: in 1998 silver and gold coins, wrought iron and a Jewish wedding ring were found in the cellar of an old house. The Erfurt treasure and further examples of mediaeval Jewish culture are exhibited in the Old Synagogue. Erfurt has been in the process of applying for UNESCO World Heritage status on the basis of its rich mediaeval Jewish history for some years now.

The cathedral square with its imposing view of the church complex comprising the Cathedral of St Mary and the church of St Severus is also a lively and much visited spot. Whether for its daily markets or because of great festivals such as the traditional Christmas market which attracts up to 2 million visitors, the town has long become a very lively, international cultural and university town. Not far from the Cathedral is one of the Bach Festival’s favourite cafes. The small Cafe Hilgenfeld is an ideal place for a break and an insider tip for those who enjoy their coffee.



Sat. 25.02.

Erfurt - Kontor | 20:00 Uhr

Anastasia Kobekina


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Sun. 02.04.

Erfurt - Thomaskirche | 18:00 Uhr

V7 | Augustiner-Kantorei

Bachland Thuringia

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Mon. 10.04.

Erfurt - Zughafen | 19:30 Uhr

V22 | B'Rock Orchestra & Vocal Consort

Ensemble in Residence I

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Wed. 12.04.

Erfurt - Kaufmannskirche | 19:30 Uhr

V23 | Lucie Horsch & Ton Koopman

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Sat. 15.04.

Erfurt - Theater Erfurt | 19:30 Uhr

V29 | Christina Pluhar & L'Arpeggiata


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Sun. 16.04.

Erfurt - Zughafen | 18:00 Uhr

V32 | Giorgi Gigashvili

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Thu. 20.04.

Erfurt - Kontor | 20:00 Uhr

V39 | Orchester im Treppenhaus

Date Deine Musik!

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Fri. 21.04.

Erfurt - Central | 20:00 Uhr

V42 | Orchester im Treppenhaus


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