Tickets and Information

Tickets are available online via ticket shop on our website, by phone via ticket hotline 0361-37420, and in person at the known ticket agencies and tourist information offices in the participating cities.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, adjustments regarding performers, programmes, venues or seating capacities are not intended, but can by no means be ruled out. They do not entitle you to exchange or return tickets.

Please visit our website regularly for information on short-term updates.

are available for students, individuals doing military service, the unemployed, welfare recipients, and the severely disabled. Proof of entitlement must be shown when purchasing tickets. Pensioners do not receive a concessionary price!

Tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded after purchase. No replacements will be provided for missed events. Any changes to the programme, performing artists, and event locations are unintentional yet may occur and do not warrant an exchange or refund of purchased tickets. Visitors can only be let into events after they have begun if the event is not interrupted as a result. However, ticket holders do not have a right to enter an event after it has begun.

can be purchased at the door. Ticket sales at the door typically begin one hour before the start of an event.

All listed ticket prices include system and advanced purchase fees. When ordering online at the website or through the telephone hotline, additional fees for reservation and postage may apply.


As much as we are looking forward to experiencing concerts together again, a few simple rules are essential for our events - because the health of everyone involved is our top priority.


in accordance with the current situation, we are planning our concerts with a rule, which will allow us to occupy the venues again on a regular basis. If you have been vaccinated or have recovered, you are very welcome. If vaccination is not possible (e.g. in the case of children), we will request a negative test on the day of the concert. In order to be able to grant you admission to the concerts, please bring appropriate proof (valid vaccination certificate or Covid negative test) and your identity card to all events. Furthermore, we ask for your understanding that the wearing of a medical or FFP2 mask is necessary according to the current rules - if the situation requires it, also during the concerts.

If the pandemic situation allows or requires it, we reserve the right to adjust these rules.


Please understand that we are obliged, within the framework of the Infection Protection Act, to compulsorily demand the provision of your contact details when purchasing tickets. This applies in particular to the purchase of tickets that were previously purchased "anonymously" in person at the counter. When purchasing several tickets for people living in your own household, it is sufficient to provide the contact details of one person - usually the person ordering the tickets. However, if you wish to purchase tickets for different households, these may only be purchased in separate bookings, stating the different contact details. According to the Health Department's specifications, the following are sufficient contact details: Surname, first name, telephone number and/or email address.


In compliance with the currently valid Corona regulations, we can currently offer you the full seating capacity in our venues again. With free seating, you can choose your own seat on site within the selected price category. Our seating staff will be happy to assist you. For events with numbered seats, you have already booked your personal seat in advance together with your ticket. This numbered seat is printed on your ticket. Our seating staff will be happy to help you find your seat.


Admission to the concerts is usually one hour before the start of each concert. Before we scan your tickets contactlessly at the entrance, we will check the validity of your vaccination certificate. Please also show us your identity card without being asked.

We may only admit our guests with a medical or FFP2 mask. You may only attend the concert if you do not experience any symptoms indicating a possible COVID-19 disease. In this case, please stay at home.

We ask that you take your seats as quickly as possible after entering the room. Before, during and after the concerts, it is obligatory for our guests to wear a mouth/nose covering. We ask our guests to keep a distance of at least 1.5 m from people from other households.

Our concerts usually last about 90 minutes and have no intermission. With some exceptions, concerts such as the B minor Mass or the Passions may last longer due to the performance. After the concert, you can leave the concert hall via a separate exit. Please keep your mouth-nose covering on until you have left the room. The instructions of our team must always be followed. Queues and crowds are to be avoided as a matter of principle.

We always check the current regulations and ordinances related to Covid-19. We therefore reserve the right to adapt or change the rules on concert day at short notice due to current developments. We are very much looking forward to the artists and of course our audience. The special situation requires joint responsibility and consideration from all. We therefore ask you to follow the instructions of the Bachwochen team on site.

We are sorry this page cannot be displayed, as the version of the browser or operating system you use is not up to date. You can download the current programme here. If you have any questions considering the programme of the Bachwochen, feel free to call us at:

Thüringer Bachwochen e.V.
Krämerbrücke 3
99084 Erfurt
phone +49 (0) 361 . 21 698608
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