The Angels' Share

V52 | Salomé Gasselin – viol


Weimar - Bücherkubus der Anna Amilia Bibliothek

Salomé Gasselin's musical career was by no means predestined: Music long competed with rugby, visual arts, and genetics. Having won various awards, including those in Lugano and Koethen, she is now well-established in the European early music scene and is in demand as a soloist and chamber musician.

Here is the heavenly army Salomé Gasselin envisioned for this viola da gamba recital. These immaterial beings are angels - messengers who carry light and transport the divine word, who bridge the gap between heaven and earth and known and unknown. In the world of wine, they're given a share to drink - the "angels' share." This refers to the part of the alcohol that evaporates, lost while the wine ages in barrels. When musicians play ancient music, we face this vanished essence. The music's maturation has kept a part of the mystery to itself - and our entire art is to remain connected to the message of a work, despite the effects of time. Let's dream together of this evaporated music. But let's also not forget to taste what remains, what we share today with angels.


Salomé Gasselin – viol


Marin Marais
dit l’ange: Prélude, l’Arabesque, les Voix humaines

Antoine Forqueray
dit le diable: La Girouette

Monsieur de Sainte-Colombe

Johann Sebastien Bach
Suite for violoncello solo No 2 in D minor BWV 1008

Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber
from the Mystery sonatas: Passacaglia in G minor „The Guardian Angel“

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event location

Bücherkubus der Anna Amilia Bibliothek
Platz der Demokratie 4
99423 - Weimar - Thuringia

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