Pygmalion - Missae Breves


Arnstadt - Bachkirche

Die Wege Bachs

A musical journey in the tracks of Johann Sebastian Bach

Almost 100 kilometres on foot and by bike, four intimate concerts in extraordinary churches in Thuringia. Immerse yourself in the world of Bach with 50 artists. Unforgettable shared experiences with hikes, picnics, public rehearsals and concerts - an unforgettable musical journey!


In the Reformation's endeavour to reach as many people as possible in their own language, only the Kyrie and Gloria of the Latin Mass were still tolerated for special occasions. And so this programme presents works by Bach that seem like studies for the later great masterpieces - especially for the monumental Mass in B minor.

The two short masses are characterised by impressive contrasts. The first, in G minor, radiates a great nobility in a tragic key, while the second, in F major, begins the Kyrie in an ecstatic antique style before the Gloria transitions into an unrivalled jubilant mood.

Two motets of great musical intensity complete the programme: firstly " Der Gerechte kommt um " by Johann Kuhnau, from which Johann Sebastian Bach takes the vocal parts to create a new piece with added orchestral parts, and finally " O Jesu Christ " , a solemn and touching motet for the dead, reminiscent of some of Schütz's older chorales.


Sabine Devieilhe – Sopran
Maïlys de Villoutreys – Sopran
Perrine Devillers – Sopran
Lucile Richardot – Mezzosopran
Paul-Antoine Benos-Djian – Countertenor
Zachary Wilder– Tenor
Antonin Rondepierre – Tenor
Tomas Kral – Bariton
Christian Immler – Bass
Renaud Brès – Bass

Pygmalion – Chor & Orchester
Raphaël Pichon – Leitung


Johann Sebastian Bach / Johann Kuhnau
Der Gerechte kömmt um BWV deest

Johann Sebastian Bach
Missa g-Moll BWV 235
Motette "O Jesu Christ, meins Lebens Licht" BWV 118
Missa F-Dur BWV 233


mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Aline Foriel-Destezet.
In Zusammenarbeit mit ARTE, France Musique, harmonia mundi und adfc.

Show overview

event location

An der Neuen Kirche
99310 - Arnstadt - Thuringia

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