The traditional “Long Night of House Music” this year with 103 concerts in one evening

On the 23rd of March, the Thuringia Bach Festival is once again hosting the popular “Long Night of House Music”: If you want to make your way to a house music event this evening, you will find a total of 103 concert offers in 38 cities […]

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Friday,16.March2018 | Jens Haentzschel | in: News

A Bach premiere after 300 years? Unusual, but not impossible!

The harpsichordist and Bach researcher Alexander Grychtolik has been working on reconstructing lost Bach works for a long time – in some weeks the Thuringia Bach festival feature two particularly delightful premieres: festive music from […]

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Thursday,15.March2018 | Jens Haentzschel | in: News

NEW EYES ON BACH & BAROQUE: Nils Landgren and friends

Bach’s music has influenced generations of musicians and hardly anyone has been unaffected by his techniques and mastery of counterpoint and harmony. This is still true today, especially for jazz. This is a good enough reason to invite one of the […]

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Tuesday,20.March2018 | Jens Haentzschel | in: News

Prominent reinforcement: former Thomas Cantor Georg Christoph Biller as a guest at the Bach Weeks

Prominent reinforcement: Cantor and organist Jörg Reddin has gained top-class support for the traditional cantata service for sing-along, which will be held this year on 8 April in the Arnstadt Bach Church. Together with him Thomaskantor a.D. Georg […]

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Wednesday,7.March2018 | Jens Haentzschel | in: News

ECHO Klassik winner in Germany’s first Porcelain Church

Michael J. Brown (Design NAU2) was a staff member of the famous American star architect Daniel Libeskind, who was born in Poland. Today he is a very popular artist himself: he turned the old castle chapel of the Leuchtenburg into the first Porcelain […]

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Sunday,11.February2018 | Jens Haentzschel | in: News - Bachwochen News

Bach’s B Minor Mass is Unesco World Heritage

The manuscript of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Mass in B Minor has been officially endorsed as a Unesco World Heritage Site since the end of 2017. The only complete score from Bach’s lifetime was written by the composer shortly before his […]

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Friday,2.February2018 | Jens Haentzschel | in: News

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