V53 | Boudewijn Zwart

Boudewijn Zwart is a Dutch carillonneur, organist and pianist. He studied glockenspiel at the Dutch Glockenspiel School in Amersfoort and piano at the Sweelinck Conservatory in Amsterdam). In 1990 he won all categories of the triennial international carillon competition "Queen Fabiola" in Mechelen (Belgium).

Boudewijn Zwart has developed a mobile glockenspiel that can be used for concerts anywhere, both outdoors and indoors, in addition to playing the fixed glockenspiels in church towers. This carillon has fifty bronze bells. Under the title Bell Moods it gives classical as well as jazz and folk music concerts. He also performs with various children's programmes and family performances. Since 2002 Zwart also runs the Carillon Institute Netherlands in Dordrecht, a private university education for carillonneurs.

Their concerts form part of the Thuringia Bach Festival and enrich the Festival.

Boudewijn Zwart – carillon

Works by Johann Sebastian Bach

Free admission (open space)

Anger 52 | 99084 Erfurt

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