V52 | Vox Luminis

Florilegium Portense

Florilegium Portense is a collection of motets which was first published in Leipzig in 1618 and which arose from the practice of the song school in the Landesschule in Pforta. Thomas Cantor Bach chose a few of the 265 German and Italian motets from this unique collection for study each week. The famous Belgian ensemble, Vox Luminis will record the entire collection in the next few years – at the outset of this journey they perform in the collection’s place of origin, the church in Schulpforte.

Lionel Meunier – conductor

Johann Sebastian Bach
Motet „Jesu, meine Freude“ BWV 227

and works by Hans Leo Hassler, Erhard Bodenschatz, Valentin Haussmann, Giovanni Gabrieli, Christoph Walliser, Martin Roth, Sethus Calvisius, Jacob Gallus, and Roland de Lassus

Tickets 40 € | 30 € | 20 €
reduced 35 € | 25 € | 15 €

Unfortunately a few of our historic locations cannot be heated so please accept our apologies and come prepared with appropriate clothing.

Schulstraße 22 | 06628 Naumburg (Saale) OT Schulpforte

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Concert tour to Schulpforte an return

from Erfurt, Domplatz/Landgericht | departure 12:00
from Weimar, Katholische Kirche | departure 12:45

package price 55 €
reduced 50 €

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