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BACH! - Dance Theatre to the Goldberg Variations

A harpsichord stands alone in the stage. A musician begins to play. The work is known, listed as number 988 in the Bach catalogue. It floats through the room, light, brilliant, and a cycle sets itself in motion. Dance and theatre interlock, sensually guided by this work number 988, a door opens into a yesterday and a morning at the same time. It could be a fairy tale, the story of the count who has Bach write a piece of music against the insomnia that plagues him. It could also be a fairy tale that this piece of music actually lets the count come to rest, and the payment in 100 Louis d'or, pure gold coins, is definitely like a fairy tale. But what fairy tale does the count come up with when he finally sinks into slumber?
In "BACH" Lizzy Timmers, together with the musicians George van Dam and Simon Lenski and the actress Henrike Commichau, creates two different ways of looking at things, one into the story, the other into the utopia arising from Bach, the dreamy space. She plays with the forms, merges dance and theatre into a sensual experience around the Goldberg Variations.

With the support of needcompany

George van Dam, Simon Lenski, Lizzy Timmers, Henrieke Commichau – concept
Lizzy Timmers – director
Maarten van Otterdijk – stage

(in German only)

Johann Sebastian Bach
Goldberg Variations BWV 988

Tickets 18 €
reduced 9 €

Tickets available at Theaterhaus Jena, phone +49 (0) 3641 . 88 69 44.

A production of Theaterhaus Jena gGmbH. In collaboration with needcompany and Jenaer Philharmonie.

Schillergäßchen 1 | 07745 Jena

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