V32 | Uri Caine – piano

In the coming years the Thuringia Bach Festival with pursue an ambitious project. Composers are invited to write new cantatas under “Bach conditions”. Thus, just as Johann Sebastian Bach presented a new cantata every week from 1723, the composers in residence will write a new work in a place in the Bach land of Thuringia for first performance in an authentic location.

The pianist and composer from New York, Uri Caine, will begin. He has been intensively involved for many years with modern translations of classical music. His homages to Mahler and Wagner cross boundaries between classical, jazz and contemporary music and fascinate a large audience. He also inspired the visitors to the Thuringia Bach Festival and the Leipzig Bach Festival with his adaptation of the Goldberg Variations.

At the outset of his stay in Thuringia, however, Uri Caine will present himself in familiar form as a master of improvisation, appropriate to the historically significant location with his commentary on Bach and Wagner.

Uri Caine – piano


tickets 25 €
15 € 

bus transfer plus 8 €
Departure 18:30 from Bachhaus Eisenach (Frauenplan) to Wartburg Castle (parking lot) and back after the concert
available in advance only

venue address
Auf der Wartburg 1 | D-99817 Eisenach

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