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V2 | The long night of Hausmusik
Private concerts in private places

Johann Sebastian Bach's musical cosmos was not limited to churches and royal houses even during his lifetime - his chamber music and music-making at home played an essential role. Like Bach with his family, numerous Thuringians sing and play in their houses and apartments to this day. And not least because of the little music book for Anna Magdalena Bach, Bach is also known to young musicians. The Bach Weeks are taking this as an opportunity to open the festival with a special event, the Long Night of House Music. For one evening, the Thuringians open their houses and invite to special house concerts, with children and adults, professional musicians and amateurs. Thuringia shows itself as a lively Bachland and gets musically in the mood for the festival.

All Thuringian music lovers are cordially invited to participate as hosts in the Long Night of House Music. Admission to the concerts is free, but seating capacity depends on the size of each apartment.

Thuringia is formed as a Bach land by the many musicians who make music in regional Bach choirs and orchestras or play at home with their families – both professionals and amateurs. Their concerts are part of the Thuringia Bach Festival and enrich the Festival.

Whether this will be possible and whether large-scale choir rehearsals or open house music in private dwellings will be possible depends on the way that the pandemic evolves. Adequate notice will be provided by the organisers.

More information and registration as a host: phone +49 (0) 361 . 21 69 86 08 or langenacht@thueringer-bachwochen.de.

The detailed programme will be published in early March 2022.

free admission 

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We are sorry this page cannot be displayed, as the version of the browser or operating system you use is not up to date. You can download the current programme here. If you have any questions considering the programme of the Bachwochen, feel free to call us at:

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