Stadtkirche "Zur Gotteshilfe"

Cantata church service

Bachland Thuringia

Thuringia is formed as a Bach land by the many musicians who make music in regional Bach choirs and orchestras or play at home with their families – both professionals and amateurs. Their concerts are part of the Thuringia Bach Festival and enrich the Festival.

Whether this will be possible and whether large-scale choir rehearsals or open house music in private dwellings will be possible depends on the way that the pandemic evolves. Adequate notice will be provided by the organisers.

Dorothea Zimmermann – alto
Thüringer Barocksolisten
Theophil Heinke – organ

Johann Sebastian Bach
Cantata "Gott soll allein mein Herze haben" BWV 169


free admission, collection requested

venue address
Lutherstraße 8 | D-99880 Waltershausen


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