V39 | Choir and Orchestra
of the J. S. Bach Foundation St Gallen

The Swiss organist, composer and conductor, Rudolf Lutz, has recently embarked on a mammoth work with the ensembles of the J. S. Bach Foundation St Gallen: the performance and documentation of Bach’s complete vocal works in videos which have been seen by many thousands of music fans around the world. Particularly impressive is the concert presentation of the cantatas: after the initial performance there is a reflection which deepens the understanding of Bach’s music. Then the cantata is played again which often enables the listener to gain new insights.

Rudolf Lutz – leader

Johann Sebastian Bach
Kantaten „Lobe den Herren“ BWV 137
„Ich armer Mensch“ BWV 55
„Der Friede sei mit Dir“ BWV 158
„Erschallet, ihr Lieder“ BWV 172

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reduced 35 € | 25 € | 10 €

venue address
An der Neuen Kirche | D-99310 Arnstadt

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