Zentralheize (Heizwerk im Brühl)

V23 | Midori Seiler

After more than two years’ work three exceptional artists present a new view of Bach’s intimate and passionate sonatas for solo violin in their evening “III”. Two dancers and a violinist perform a trio in which music and physicality meld ever newer constellations and open extensive vistas. A deeply moving evening which enables one to experience Bach anew both physically and psychologically.

Midori Seiler
Martí Corbera
Juan Kruz Diaz

Johann Sebastian Bach
Sonatas for solo violin
directed by Juan Kruz Diaz de Garaio Esnaola

tickets 25 €
reduced 15 €

venue address
Maximilian-Welsch-Straße 6 | D-99084 Erfurt


A production of the Köthener Bachfesttage in cooperation with Folkert Uhde Konzertdesign and the radialsystem.

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