V13 | Terry Wey
Ulfried Staber

The 40-part motet, Spem in Alium, by Thomas Tallis is one of the most impressive compositions in musical history as well as being one of the most difficult to perform. It is almost impossible to find 40 singers whose voices are ideally matched to one another.

The counter tenor, Terry Wey, and the baritone, Ulfried Staber, together have a vocal reach of three-and-a-half octaves and present this breath-taking 16th Century work as a large-scale meditation.

Over eight hours the 40 parts will be sung individually in turn by the two singers and then overlayed so that each iteration builds and can be heard live. The audience is invited to experience how this gigantic Renaissance puzzle is generated until the midnight hour chimes and the full 40-part work can be heard.

Terry Wey – counter-tenor
Ulfried Staber – baritone

Thomas Tallis
Motet „spem in alium“

tickets 10 €
The personalised ticket will enable multiple entries and exits.

The Prediger Church has no heating so please dress appropriately.


venue address
Predigerstraße 5 | D-99084 Erfurt

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