Thuringia Bach Festival
Thüringer Bachwochen

The Thuringia Bach Festival is the largest festival of classical mus­ic in the Free State of Thuringia. Specialising in Baroque music and performing the works of Johann Sebastian Bach in authentic sites, the festival appeals to music lovers and tourists alike.


A Bachland Pilgrimage

with the Gaechinger Cantorey and Hans-Christoph Rademann 13-15 September 2019
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On the occasion of the highly-praised cantata cycle in Leipzig last summer, Deutschlandfunk singled out the concentration of “text and music to create an intense message of faith” and therefore clarified what is special about the Gaechinger Cantorey and their conductor Hans-Christoph Rademann. Emanating from Stuttgart the musicians of the Bach Academy there set out to make audible an authentic approach to Bach at the highest level, as is impressively demonstrated in their concerts and recordings.

Now, the Internationale Bach Akademie Stuttgart will appear in Bach’s country in Thuringia – and thus provide a wonderful opportunity to experience significant works of Bach in Rademann’s excellent interpretations condensed into a weekend. The historic Bach locations of Eisenach, Dornheim, Weimar and Arnstadt offer settings which are both beautiful and inspiring, the famous soloists for their part guarantee an exceptional experience. An intense weekend full of Bach from the early Weimar cantatas to the B Minor Mass: there can scarcely be a better cooperative activity between the Bach Academy and our festival!



Upcoming Events

Eisenach | Georgenkirche | 19:30

A Bachland Pilgrimage

Gaechinger Cantorey || Bach: Mass in B minor BWV 232
Dornheim | Kirche St. Bartholomäus | 11:30

A Bachland Pilgrimage

Mayumi Hirasaki and Christine Schornsheim
Weimar | Stadtkirche St. Peter und Paul | 19:30

A Bachland Pilgrimage

Gaechinger Cantorey || Bach: Weimar cantatas BWV 12, 21, and 182
Weimar | Stadtkirche St. Peter und Paul | 10:00

A Bachland Pilgrimage

Arnstadt | Bachkirche | 16:00

Bachführung in Arnstadt

Arnstadt | Bachkirche | 16:00

A Bachland Pilgrimage

Gaechinger Cantorey || Bach: St John Passion BWV 245

Bachland Thuringia

The state of Thuringia forms an ideal backdrop to the festival because of the unique role it played in the life of Johann Sebastian Bach.

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