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Das Kleine Konzert

The Bach world was amazed in 2008 when a printed text of the traditional passion music performed at the Thomas Church in Leipzig in 1734 turned up in St Petersburg. Most surprising of all was that Bach, as the Thomas Church Cantor, had not performed one of his own passions but rather a piece by the Gotha court Kapellmeister, Gottfried Heinrich Stölzel. Stölzel’s richly scored oratorio, “A lambkin goes and carries the guilt”, which tells the story of Jesus’ suffering on the way to the crucifixion in the form of 22 meditations, was created 14 years previously for Gotha. Bach must have valued this oratorio and its composer very highly, since it has subsequently emerged that an aria from Stölzel’s passion formed the basis for Bach’s aria “I shall acknowledge his name” BWV 200.

Conducted by the Stölzel specialist, Hermann Max, the passion music can be heard this Easter for the first time since the 18th Century – in the historic location for which it was created, the castle church of Schloss Friedenstein in Gotha.

Veronika Winter — soprano
Franz Vitzthum — countertenor
Markus Brutscher — tenor
Martin Schicketanz — bass
Michael Maul – master of ceremonies (in German only)
Hermann Max — conductor

„Ein Lämmlein geht und trägt die Schuld“

tickets 35 € | 20 €
reduced 30 € | 15 €

Unfortunately this historic location cannot be heated so please accept our apologies and come prepared with appropriate clothing!

Schloss Friedenstein | 99867 Gotha

In collaboration with Bachfest Leipzig

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