Sing together – experience the community.

A musical workshop for families

We invite families to sing together – children, parents and grandparents are all welcome to experience a sense of community and to get to know themselves and others. It does not matter what kind of training you have had or whether you can read music. People will just sing together, clap, move and improvise. Singing will become a bodily experience which is open to all, irrespective of age, sex or education.

The project will be led by Paul Smith, co-founder of VOCES8 and a passionate singer, conductor and musical educator. Paul Smith travels the world all year round giving workshops in schools, festivals and concert halls. In Thuringia Paul Smith joins with Apollo5, an a cappella ensemble whose repertoire unites classical, retro, jazz and pop in engaging arrangements.

If you are interested in taking part send us an email and let us know why you wish to join in. We look forward to your application!

all day

Steubenstraße 15 | 99423 Weimar

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