Tribute to Bach at the Bach memorial
music festival on the 334th anniversary of Bach's birth

On the 21st March the musical world celebrates the birth of Johann Sebastian Bach. Where better for this to take place than in the town where Bach was born, Eisenach? Alongside the traditional homage to Bach, in 2019 the Thuringia Bach Festival will add a second birthday concert. One of Germany’s most famous a cappella ensembles, SLIXS, will perform at Bach’s baptismal font in the George Church – with a homage that is both delightful and playful, “QuerBach”. The sextet define themselves as “vocal bastards”, push the boundaries between genres and styles and demonstrate their excellence when working with iconic musicians such as Bobby McFerrin.

Following the concert there will then be a birthday party in the Bach House. There the Concert Master from The English Concert and the Gaechinger Cantorey, Nadja Zwiener, will reflect on the day in dialogue with the DJ, Johannes Malfatti. Their baroque lounge is an exciting, inspiring well-matched duet, which Bach himself would doubtless also have enjoyed.

with brass and choristers of St George church
followed by birthday cake and free entry to the Bach house

Frauenplan 21 | 99817 Eisenach

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