Thuringia Bach Festival

The Thuringia Bach Festival is one of the major music festivals in central Germany.  Specialising in the performance of Johann Sebastian Bach’s works in authentic Bach locations, our aim is to bring the “Bachland” Thuringia to life. Our starting point for the festival is a unique historic potential: With the Bach house and baptismal church in Eisenach, the wedding church in Dornheim, the early places of Bach’s work and life in Muehlhausen, Arnstadt and Weimar as well as the ancestral homes in Erfurt and Wechmar, Thuringia owns a large number of authentic Bach locations. These impressive venues are our podiums and provide the setting for demanding concerts.

Explore the Bachland

Thuringia is Bach’s land: Many generations of the Bach family lived and worked here – and literally wrote music history. Johann Sebastian Bach spent half of his life in Thuringia; numerous historic sites are preserved and worth a visit. 


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    Ten places, three festivals, hundreds of artists – and a streaming platform! Together with our partners from Leipzig and Koethen, we invite you to experience our concerts also online. Bach’s music performed at the historic places of his live, available for you at home.