Germany’s best baroque orchestra comes to Weimar for the Easter celebration

The musicians from Freiburg Baroque Orchestra combine two of the popular orchestral suites with Brandenburg Concertos: works which demonstrate Bach as a masterly composer of instrumental music and the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra musicians as their inspired interpreters. A particular attraction for those in the know is clearly the combination of the fourth Brandenburg Concerto with the Harpsichord Concerto in F major since both are based on the same musical material. This shows the inspired composer Bach as also the commercial thinking Bach who can always do something new with a good idea.

HOLY SATURDAY, 31 MARCH 2018 | 7.30 pm | Weimar | Weimarhalle

Sebastian Wienand — harpsichord
Gottfried von der Goltz — concert master

Johann Sebastian Bach
Ouverture (Suite) No. 1 in C major BWV 1066
Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 in G major BWV 1049
Ouverture (Suite) No. 2 in B minor BWV 1067
Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 in D major BWV 1050
Harpsichord Concerto in F major BWV 1057

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