Thuringia Bach Festival 2017 with a successful result: Over 18,000 visitors visiting the festival – utilization rate of 82 percent

With more than 18,000 visitors, Thuringia’s biggest music festival was able to prove its international appeal and quality this year. “The Jubilee of the Reformation and our dedicated music festival for Martin Luther at the end of the festival have proved to be a stroke of luck,” said Christoph Drescher. “Two dozen travel groups from all over Europe came into the country during the Thuringia Bach Festival, in order to walk on Bach’s and Luther’s footsteps and to inspire the lively musical life in the country. We were able to offer magical music to the audience at very different locations.”

The festival utilization rate was 82 percent – a significant increase compared to previous years. “Our main focus remains on the authentic sites of Johann Sebastian Bach, which can be discovered by the public in the context of first-class concerts. The interest in it is great so that we could again increase the tourist bookings within the framework of the festival. The Bachwochen will therefore be more international,”says Drescher.

The Thuringia Bach Festival 2018 will be opened on the 333rd birthday of Johann Sebastian Bach on 21 March with a performance of the St. Matthew Passion in Weimar and will end on 15 April in Erfurt.
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Friday,5.May2017 | Jens Haentzschel

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