Per Arne Glorvigen Trio
Saturday, 24 March 2018 | 7.30 pm | Eisenach | Wartburg

Per Arne Glorvigen Trio

El Arte de la Fuga y del Tango

Johann Sebastian Bach
Excerpts from “The Art of Fugue” BWV 1080

and works by Edouardo Arolas, Juan Carlos Cobiàn,
and Astor Piazzolla

Bach’s Art of Fugue is as fascinating as it is puzzling. In the cycle Bach sets the standard for the art of composition with supreme mastery but in the process leaves many questions open for those wishing to bring it to life. So what unites this work with tango? There are actually some similarities as demonstrated by
the Norwegian bandoneonist, Per Arne Glovigen, one of the leading soloists on this strange instrument which was initially invented as a substitute for church organs. An excellent idea therefore to craft a programme from both idioms which breaks boundaries – for almost all bandeonists the maxim, “tango at night but Bach in the morning” holds true.

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