Il Gardellino
Saturday, 14 April 2018 | 3 pm | Erfurt | Alter Güterbahnhof (Zughafen)

Il Gardellino

Griet De Geyter — soprano
Alex Potter, Jonathan De Ceuster — countertenors
Thomas Hobbs — tenor
Stephan MacLeod — bass

Bach with cream. A concert with coffee and cake

Johann Sebastian Bach
Cantatas „Schweiget stille, plaudert nicht” (Coffee cantata) BWV 211
„Lasst uns sorgen“ (Hercules at the crossroads) BWV 213

Zimmermann’s Coffee House was an important meeting place for the middle classes in Leipzig during Bach’s time. The students of the Collegium Musicum, which was founded in 1702 by Telemann and directed by Bach for ten years from 1729, regularly played here. Bach performed many of his secular cantatas here which is why the old Zimmermann Coffee House will arise again for an afternoon.
The excellent Belgian ensemble, Il Gardellino, will combine two prominent works by Bach: his much loved and compelling “Coffee Cantata” and the cantata “Hercules at the Cross Roads” whose arias and choruses later found their way into the “Christmas Oratorio”. Alongside this high point of Bach’s works there are authentic exquisite cakes by Goldhelm Chocolatiers – Bach for a change this time with whipped cream!

tickets 40 € | 30 € | 20 €
reduced 35 € | 25 € | 15 €

incl. 1 coffee and 1 piece of cake

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