Deutsche Hofmusik
Alexander Grychtolik
Friday, 6 April 2018 | 7.30 pm | Erfurt | Thomaskirche

Deutsche Hofmusik

Gudrun Sidonie Otto — soprano
Elvira Bill — alto
Daniel Johannsen — tenor
Stephan MacLeod — bass
Aleksandra and Alexander Grychtolik — leader

Johann Sebastian Bach
Celebratory cantatas
„Blast Lärmen, ihr Feinde“ BWV 205a
„Entfliehet, verschwindet, entweichet, ihr Sorgen“ BWV 249a
Premiere of the reconstructions

This concert is a real occasion – 300 years after Bach lived there are new works to discover – as premieres at the Thuringia Bach Festival! Bach composed much celebratory music for various occasions, particularly during his time in Leipzig. We have only a small part of this remaining to us. The harpsichordist and Bach archaeologist, Alexander Grychtolik, has reconstructed two of these celebratory works and presents them here for the first time in concert form.
Bach thus demonstrates that he can also be a ‘composer of opera’. The four soloists slide into the roles of gods from antiquity who praise their earthly masters. It is typical of Bach that there are also ‘old favourites’ to discover. Amongst other works, hearing things again occurs with the popular Easter Oratorio into which the Shepherd Cantata (BWV 249a) was later re-worked as a sacred piece.

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