Chad Lawson
Chad Lawson
Saturday, 14 April 2018 | 7.30 pm | Erfurt | Franz Mehlhose

Chad Lawson — piano

Bach interpreted

The credo of the American pianist and composer, Chat Lawson, is “don‘t make it classical”. All the more surprising then, that, after Chopin, he should devote himself his second time to one of the greatest classical composers. For his album Bach Interpreted Lawson studied Bach’s chorales intensively and translated them into his own minimal music. In this manner he manages to reach millions of people in the US music market which is not exactly keen on the classics – without descending into the realms of ,pop classics‘ adapted to the masses. Lawson’s arrangements underline the music’s intimacy and never fail to respect the original.

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Veranstalter: Franz Mehlhose

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