Aaron Pilsan
Marie Staggat
Saturday, 7 April 2018 | 7.30 pm | Eisenach | Wartburg

Aaron Pilsan — piano

Johann Sebastian Bach
The Well-tempered Clavier (Book 2) BWV 870-893

The young pianist, Aaron Pilsan is an exceptional talent. The Austrian began to play the piano at the age of five and then studied with Lars Vogt in Hannover and worked with András Schiff and Alfred Brendel. Pilsan was chosen in 2014 by the union of leading European concert venues as a ‘rising star’ and since then he has appeared all over the world tackling all the great works for the piano. For the Thu­ringia Bach Festival he attempts a truly Herculean task: the performance of both parts of the Well-tempered Clavier in two concerts.

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Please note the second performance of Aaron Pilsan
»The Well-tempered Clavier (book 1)« as well.

package price for both concerts 40 € – reduced 30 €
(available in advance only)

Bustransfer to Wartburg (parking area) and return 8 € surcharge
departure 18:30 from Bachhaus Eisenach
(available in advance only)

Tickets also available at Wartburg
Tel. +49 (0) 3691 . 25 00

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