Holy week in the Sistine Chapel – Concerto Romano on April 15 in Weimar

A Catholic counterpoint to the celebration of the Reformation. Directed by Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, music at the Vatican was an unusual phenomenon. Works such as Allegri’s Miserere were secret and could be performed only in the Sistine Chapel in the presence of the Pope – until 14-year old Mozart wrote the music out from memory after attending mass there. Goethe also attended mass in Rome on Good Friday in 1787 and noted deeply moved that “the music in the Chapel is unbelievably beautiful…The moment at which the Pope, stripped of his rich robes, climbs down from his throne to pray to the cross and everything else stays in its place, everyone is silent and the choir begins is one of the most beautiful of all notable functions.” In an impressive programme the Italian ensemble, Concerto Romano, brings these mystical works to life again.

HOLY SATURDAY, 15 APRIL 2017 | 7 pm | Weimar | Stadtkirche St. Peter und Paul

Alessandro Quarta — conductor
Tenebrae Romane – Holy week in the Sistine Chapel
Works by Giovanni Pergolesi, Gregorio Allegri, Orazio Benevoli and Giovanni Francesco Anerio


Friday,14.April2017 | Jens Haentzschel

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Luther 2017
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