Ein Mann von Welt. Der weltliche Bach

Crocheted lambs welcome you to the 2018 Thuringia Bach Festival which is devoted on this occasion to the worldly Bach. However, those thinking just of a secularised Easter lamb will not be going far enough: as numerous as the meanings of our motif are the diverse aspects of the worldly Bach to be covered. There will be space for the pater familias Bach who composes for his children (and to ensure their maintenance), as well as the Bach who composed on commission, whose secular cantatas are often overshadowed by their sacred counterparts.

The economically-minded Bach can be seen in many of the re-arranged works, even if the composer could be tried as a defendant in an industrial relations court for some of them. Finally, a Bach feared lost can be experienced in the novel reconstruction of the Shepherd Cantata: a Bach premiere 300 years on! And since, even for the worldly Bach, the sacred works remained the greatest blessing, you will have no need to miss out on his Passions.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Prof. Silvius von Kessel
Chairman of the Board

Christoph Drescher
Festival Director

Monday,20.November2017 | Roland Wehking

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