ECHO Klassik winner in Germany’s first Porcelain Church

Michael J. Brown (Design NAU2) was a staff member of the famous American star architect Daniel Libeskind, who was born in Poland. Today he is a very popular artist himself: he turned the old castle chapel of the Leuchtenburg into the first Porcelain Church. The porcelain church is equipped with a louvered curtain made of dull white, technical porcelain, which extends from the ceiling to the floor and ensures a very special spatial effect. Now the Porcelain Church is the first venue for the Thüringer Bach festival: The saxophone is not immediately associated with Baroque music yet the exceptional young artist, Asya Fateyeva, has devoted an entire CD to her love of Bach. This was immediately distinguished with an ECHO Classic award.

Date: FRIDAY, 6 APRIL 2018 | 7 pm | Seitenroda | Leuchtenburg

Sunday,11.February2018 | Jens Haentzschel

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