Schmalkalden – city of half-timbered houses and the Reformation

Schmalkalden, first mentioned in 874, is often referred to as the city of half-timbered houses and the Reformation. The city gave its name to Martin Luther‘s Smalcald-Articles, among others. The reformer held two sermons in 1537 at the St. George church, which was completed in 1509 and is one of the most beautiful late-gothic hall churches in Thuringia.

Of importance is also the Wilhelmsburg palace, one of the most important renaissance constructions in central Germany, which, to this day, has seen almost no constructional changes and is maintained in an almost original condition.

Schmalkalden aus der Luft

Schmalkalden presents itself as an equally lively and historic city of half-timbered construction with a historical downtown, flourishing industry and a well-reputed college of applied sciences.

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