Bach with his cousin in Meiningen

Exactly when Johann Sebastian Bach visited his older cousin Johann Ludwig in the idyllic Meiningen is still not known today. Yet he appreciated his works and completed transcriptions of several cantatas and performed them in 1726 in the large churches of Leipzig.

Schloss Elisabethenburg Meiningen

Schloss Elisabethenburg Meiningen Caption

This assistant who performed at the Meiningen court chapel eventually rose to servant-teacher and cantor. After Georg Caspar Schürmann’s depature, he began managing the instruments and musical accompaniment of courtyard festivities in Meiningen and Coburg. Johann Ludwig Bach became court chapel master in 1711.

For him that was not always an enjoyment, as we now know today. Bach’s ten-year-long conflict with chapel members eventually went to court. An especially impressive work stems from 1724 – the funeral music for Duke Ernst Ludwig I of Sachsen-Coburg-Meiningen – a time at which Duke Anton Ulrich of Sachsen-Meiningen was in Vienna putting together the largest complete collection of baroque vocal music.

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