The “Bachs” in Erfurt

There were already musicians by the name of Bach in Erfurt long before the birth of Johann Sebastian. Johannes Bach, the founding father of the Erfurt line of Bachs, was member of the Erfurter Stadtmusicanten-Compagnie and held the post of organist in the Predigerkirche. The town was so convinced of the skill of these musicians that from then on, “the Bachs” became a synonym for the profession of musician in Erfurt.


Interaktives Panorama der Predigerkirche Erfurt | © Roland Wehking

Erfurt’s Kaufmannskirche is a site of great importance for the Bach family: it was here that 61 of the family’s children were christened and 12 Bach couples were married, among them Johann Sebastian’s parents Johann Ambrosius, a born Erfurter, and Elisabeth Lämmerhirt. We have evidence that Johann Sebastian Bach himself came to Erfurt in 1716 to examine the organ in the Augustinerkirche. But he is likely to have visited quite frequently, as traditional Bach family gatherings also took place in Erfurt.

Wohnhaus der »Bache« Erfurt

Wohnhaus der »Bache« Erfurt | © Marco Borggreve

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