Childhood in Eisenach 1685–1695

Bachdenkmal Eisenach

Johann Sebastian Bach was born on 21st March 1685 in Eisenach and lived here until the age of ten. He was baptised in the Georgenkirche at the baptismal font that can still be visited today, and like Martin Luther, he visited the grammar school in the old Dominican monastery. The young Johann Sebastian had much to thank his father Ambrosius, who taught music in Eisenach, for his extraordinary talent as a violinist and viola player.


Interaktives Panorama der Georgenkirche Eisenach mit Taufstein | © Roland Wehking

He probably not only sat at the organ and pulled the stops for his uncle Johann Christoph, who was organist of the Georgenkirche, but also for his elder brother of the same name.

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